How to guide: Importing MIDI into Logic & Reason

Published: 08th June 2010
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Carrying on our MIDI file import 'How to' guides we're taking a look at adding existing MIDI files and then assigning an AU plugin synth to play it in Apple's Logic Pro sequencer software.

1) From the File menu open an existing or new project (Command -> O / N)

2) Create a new instrument track by pressing the 'New Tracks (click the + symbol icon )

3) Open a Finder window and locate a MIDI file (.mid) that you'd like to import into your Logic arrangement .

4) Drag and drop the MIDI file onto your instrument track, this will create a MIDI region for the MIDI file's contents. Note: DMS MIDI files are always single riffs or sequences, however many MIDI files that you'll find on the net are often entire songs and will include multiple tracks (i.e drums, bass, synth etc).

5) Now it's time to assign an instrument to play our MIDI sequence. Making sure that your empty instrument track is still selected go to the Inspector pane on the right of your Arrange page. Click and hold the blank insert slot below the I/O (In/ Out) and below the output box. This will open a drop-down menu listing your available synths.

6) Select a synth from the menu and release the mouse button. The graphical interface for your chosen synth will open.

7) Set your loops points (Cycle) around your MIDI region and press play (Space Bar). You'll now hear the imported MIDI sequence being played!

-Importing MIDI into Reason

Let's take a look at importing MIDI files like those that you'll find here at DMS into Propellerhead's Reason. For more detailed look at importing MIDI & WAV files into Reasoon (with pictures!), take a look at our importing MIDI & WAV files into Reason guide.

1) Open Reason and from the File menu click 'New' to create a new song.

2) From the File menu choose 'Import MIDI File...'

3) Using the MIDI file browser navigate to your MIDI file and click open.

4) You'll see the note data from the MIDI file imported into a channel and in your sequencer time-line.

5) Now to assign a sound! Right click an empty rack space and choose a Reason instrument - we've chosen an NN-XT Sampler since we've got our DMS Trance Refill loaded up. Once the instrument is loaded open a preset sound of your choice.

6) Back in the sequencer select your channel with MIDI sequence and click the blank 'Out' box. This will bring up a drop-down menu listing available instruments - in our case NN-XT 1.

7) Press play and enjoy your MIDI sequence! Don't like the sound? Choose another preset or synth!

Mark is a passionate DJ who likes to mix and make tracks with various electro samples and synth sounds files. Mark works for DMS in the UK who sell various DJ MIDI Sample packs. Click for more information and links to the free samples on the DMS site, here.

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